About The Game of What

"About the Game of What", About the Game of What

The hottest new party game that will have players wondering, “What were you thinking?”

It’s the opposite of Truth and the extreme of Dare…

Some players will bluff their way through giving angel like answers that only their mother would say…

While others will dare to bare all their sarcastic, witty, and downright rude things they never say, but always think.

No matter how you play it, everyone will laugh hilariously at the outrageous, dead honest lies that will leave them saying, “Whaaaaat?”

What is this game perfect for?

Office parties, ice-breaker, dinner party conversation starter, fraternity/sorority parties, team building events, pajama parties, bridal shower party, poker night replacement, just for fun or all out competitive play!

The What? Card:
What? is played in Category rounds with every Player writing an answer to the Category question. The Questioner will then collect all the answers and read them out loud while Players take turns guessing who-said-what!