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"Say what you want about the Game of What", say what you want about the Game of What

MarryMeBieber says:
Posted: Wed Dec 8 10:15:27 PST 2010
OMG!!! My mom bought me this board game for a party we were having and at first I thought it was going to SUCK and my bff's would HATE me!! Turns out Mom knew what she was doing (Like i'm ever gonna tell her that though) and the party was a HUGE success!!! Any way you could add some Justin Bieber questions though????
Who needs Gossip Girl!!
Saint Marie says:
Posted: Mon Nov 29 15:32:28 PST 2010
I'm not so good at question #1, but I LOVE #2 & #3. We always play #2 like a gossip game where we "make stuff up" about players in the game. I've never used famous people's names, but I'm sure that could be funny too. And the 'what do you do" question is just my chance to really be sarcastic and evil. SO FUN!! Love this game! I'd give it 5 stars, but I could do without question 1.
Bower's must have some pretty dirty minds!
Fun3All says:
Posted: Wed Jun 2 11:54:05 PDT 2010
There's nothing wrong with the questions in this game -- the responses are only as perverse as the responder's imagination. My only complaint is with the name of the game -- "What?" cannot be found by googling it, since "what" is such a general word. Why would the game's makers choose a name that's so hard to find on the internet?
Inappropriate game
Mrs. Bower says:
Posted: Tue Apr 13 12:47:10 PDT 2010
This game is quite inappropriate. We received this game as a gift from my daughter for Easter and we played as a family. Some of the questions make people say either juvenile or perverse things, and some of the questions are very awkward in a family setting. There really should be a warning on the game to make sure people do realize the game is not meant for families. I'm sure the game is good fun for teenagers, but it should really have a warning on the box stating that the game is inappropriate for wholesome families.
Funny funny funny
Janice says:
Posted: Thu Jan 14 12:08:23 PST 2010
Played this last night. Reminded me of the Things game from Hasbro. Love both games but we liked this better because of the second cateogry where we can add people we know. Makes for the funniest answers.
Awesome Game!!!
Cause I said so!! says:
Posted: Fri Dec 18 15:53:46 PST 2009
Great game. Picked it up last weekend and played it with a couple of buzzed out friends. Had a blast!!

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